Joe LaMattina

Being creative can seem daunting in a world that values logic over imagination, practicality over dreaming.  In my work I love to experiment and play, to mix it all up. “Play is not the antithesis of something that is important!  To have playful thinking requires a sense of lightness and fluidity.”

Since most of my current work is mixed media, I usually start my work through drawing and mark-making, but ultimately add paint, collage, and any unusual, non-traditional materials that I am drawn to at the moment of creation.  This is usually followed by a ripping, tearing, scratching, pouring, splattering, deconstructive frenzy.  Eventually, I become immersed in the piece and begin building it back up with layers of texture.  I enjoy watching one medium spontaneously react to another.  Choosing between chaos and control as my hand hovers over a canvas is an exciting place to be.

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