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Kayla Sharpp



Photographer, Kayla Sharp has enjoyed many creative outlets over the years. Photography was always a flirtation for her, but it has grown to become a more serious relationship. And while she loves capturing traditional beauty on film as much as the next person, she is much more interested in photographing the subtle beauty that often goes overlooked. “I’m in love with forgotten moments and discarded yesterdays. I’m enamored with urban grit, and the effects of time and neglect on our world. I seek out accidental beauty, unintentional cool, and unexpected smiles. Life is full of serendipitous surprises, and hunting for them is great fun.”

Piermont Drawbridge by Ken Sharp
KS 4
KS 2
KS 1
KS moonbridge
KS Dunkirk
KS MagicBus
Ken Sharp Be Love
KS Raymond's
KS Ghost Light in Red
KS Hudson Buoys
KS Ray's Bar
KS American Pinwheel
KS Brewery
KS Anima
KS Ken
Secondhand Heart
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