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Andrew L. Mainsonette


I don’t think there was ever a day in my life where I didn’t want to create something brand new.  From the age of fifteen, I have spent years picking at my itch for creativity and have learned to express myself in photography, videography, and designing various graphic work. And ever since, I have always expanded my knowledge and skill set to include so much more. I am always excited to try something for the first time and become very passionate about whatever chance I have to make something incredible. That’s what lead me to start my own freelance business.

Other than artwork, I have a huge love for people. I love to hear and see the stories, struggles, laughs, smiles, accomplishments, and lives of others even if I am meeting them for the very first time. I have dedicated my talents not only to telling my own story, but the story of everyone who has something they want to put out there. Whether its n event, a wedding, testimonial, a photo, I believe every person out in the world has a story to tell and I want to help become a part of it.

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